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Nansheng  Liu

Using traditional realistic art techniques to express the truth, goodness and beauty in life in my artistic philosophy. My works represent ordinary people's simplicity, kindness, perseverance, hardship, optimism and pursuit of beauty, which manifested both of their external beauty and inner passion.

Nansheng Liu

Painting, Teaching, Travel, Reading
"Travel thousands of miles worth thousands of books". My life spans Asia, Africa and America, and I have experienced different environments, cultural landscapes and customs.  My works depict ordinary people's simplicity, kind-hearted, persevering, hardworking, optimistic; the natural beauty relfected through their inner passion for life.
Whether it’s Xinjiang, Guilin, Hunan, or Mexico, although the harsh environment has wrinkled the faces of the elderly and men, their hands have become rough, and their clothes are covered with dust, their hearts are full of vitality and full of energy. He has a love for life and a yearning for a better life. In addition to farming and grazing.
  • B.A. Oil Painting, Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Art), 1958
  • 1996, Memorial Award of EL Cerrito Art Association
  • 1984, Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Award issued by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government
  • 1985, Excellent Work Award of Xinjiang Painting Exhibition
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