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Yellow Flower

  • Nansheng Liu
  • 11 x 15 x 1 Inches  
  • Canvas, Poster, Digital Download
  • 2021   California, U.S.A
Even though they live in simple adobe or blanket houses, and their lives are monotonous and mundane, they still decorate with nature by planting flowers in front of their houses and fruit trees behind their houses to beautify the environment, as well as wearing colorful headscarves and dresses.Everywhere I went, I created sketches with my brush, recording beautiful landscapes, people's ordinary lives and beautiful hearts, and strived to create oil paintings with a wide range of themes and unique characteristics based on those sketches.

Width : 11 Inches

Height : 15 Inches

Depth : 1 Inches

Weight : 1 lbs

available stock: 100

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Yellow Flower

  • Nansheng Liu