Opening My Heart: A Join Talents Truthfulness Photography Exhibition Join Talents

Press Release: 

October 20, 2023 


Join Talents Holds Exclusive Photography Exhibition, Opening My Heart


From October 20 to December 10, 2023, Join Talents presents their first Truthfulness Photography Exhibition, Opening My Heart. It exclusively features the works of talented photographer, Miss Lotus Zheng, and promises to take visitors on a captivating journey of pure color and pure energy; glimpsing the power of nature in all its glory. Showcasing at


Discover Pure Color and Pure Energy

Miss Zheng captures a vibrant and enchanting world through Miss Zheng's photographs, revealing truthful colors and pure imagery. In her photographs, where every shade of hue is alive with remarkable clarity and intensity. Her images capture the essence of nature's breathtaking beauty and the enduring sprit of life.

Miss Zheng delves into the unfiltered vitality of the natural world, unveiling its pure energy. Her photographs display a vibrant and most pristine life-force, where the serenity and dynamism of nature is revealed in its authentic and untouched state.


No Color Filters; No Alterations—Truthful Photography

In an age when artificial intelligence overtakes our world, computerizing, the digital realm is dominated by computerized and altered imageries. The Truthfulness Photography Exhibition stands as a testament to the power of pure photography, as a source of genuine connection to our tangible world; honoring both human creativity and nature magnificent. Miss Zheng's commitment to capturing nature as it is, without any artificial enhancement, is a refreshing reminder of the true beauty our world has to offer.


About the Artist, Miss Lotus Zheng

As a rising star in the world of photography, Miss Lotus Zheng captures the hearts of many with her unique artistic approach. She deeply believes in the unadulterated beauty of nature, and the power of authenticity. Opening my Heart is her latest endeavor to share her vision with the world.

An Exhibition Not to be Missed 

Opening My Heart promises to be a visual feast and a source of heartfelt inspiration for all who visit. The exhibition runs from October 20 to December 10, 2023, at It hopes to draw photography enthusiasts, art and nature lovers, and those who are heart-centered and curious-minded.

Immerse yourself in the pure colors and energy captured by photographer, Miss Lotus Zheng.