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Red Unicorn Tapestry

  • Heidi Hallett
  • 20 x 24 x 1 Inches  
  • Tapestry, Oil Painting
  • 2016   U.S.A.
I created this painting to highlight my ideas for the translation of the French phrase written into the original tapestry. In The Lady with the Unicorn tapestry series created in the 1480s CE, it is generally accepted that the first five tapestries represent the five senses. The interpretation of of the sixth tapestry, “À Mon Seul Désir,” remains uncertain. I propose that the French words, “à mon seul désir,” translate to “with my unique desire,” meaning that people are the only species that covet material objects even as we share the five senses with animals. The interpretation of people alone valuing material objects ties the individual representations of the six tapestries together and allows them to flow towards the realization that, while people may live alongside the natural and mythical worlds (in medieval times, likely considered the same), they remain separate due to their unique desires.

Width : 20 Inches

Height : 24 Inches

Depth : 1 Inches

Weight : 5 lbs

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Red Unicorn Tapestry

  • Heidi Hallett