Tiananmen Mission

By The Middle Land Magazine
This is the true story of how a young man faced bullets, temptations, and the grind of daily life to uphold his conscience, courage and his devotion to humanity. Zhang Jian was one of the student leaders who shielded others from bullets during the 1989 Tiananmen Square student massacre. As the world watched the massacre on their TV screens, those students gave their lives for freedom.
The peaceful protest, which started on April 15, 1989, was student-led. The Chinese communist regime opened fire on the unarmed students, using armored tanks and machine guns. Then the regime claimed that no life was lost during the massacre. We met Zhang Jian in 2005, at a small hotel in France, where he shared his story after 16 years in hiding. Unprepared and unplanned, without any studio production, we recorded his magnificent journey to freedom. This is one of the most complete, authentic and truthful films about the Tiananmen student movement in China. 
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Tiananmen Mission

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