A Usual Ending

  • Lotus Zheng
  • 20 x 24 x 2 Inches  
  • Metal Prints, Canvas
  • 2023   La Jolla, California
This unplanned shot captures a moment of a love story at the beach. Deep colors and lights stage one of our daily human dramas. High Quality prints are available in various materials.
Price included shipping within the United State. Please allow two weeks to produce the artwork, and one week of shipping. The high quality prints are available in paper card, metal, glass, canvas. For any special materials and sizes, please write us at: Hello@jointalents.com

Width : 20 Inches

Height : 24 Inches

Depth : 2 Inches

Weight : 0 lbs

available stock: 100

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A Usual Ending

  • Lotus Zheng